Sunday, August 14, 2011


Kitten was in a car accident yesterday. She was turning left on an unprotected green. The car is most likely totaled.

BUT MY KIDS ARE OK. I get that. and then, I settle in and think what the heck. We can't afford another car. We can't afford to get it fixed. We can't afford the insurance hike if we were to make a claim.

We try so hard to be responsible with our money and sometimes I feel like - for what. We scraped up enough to buy this great deal of a car so we could have 2 cars... to buy it, to register it, to insure it, for what? for 9 months?

A friend of mine sent this link to this song

I know the Lord loves me. And there are SO MANY what if's... IF Kitten had been a few feet farther, the other driver would have t-boned right into Tiger. IF there had been a pedestrian....etc. I am truly thankful that no one was hurt. and then I just don't get it...


1. Can't afford a new car

2. Can't afford to fix the car

3. Can't afford our insurance to go up even if we were to make a claim

4. There's a huge additional load put back on me as far as driving. Not just school, I actually like that...but everything. Anything she wants to do. And the year long theatre commitment she & Tiger are in with late night rehearsals & performances...

5. I feel pretty alone at church. A lot of it is me, I know that. On the other hand, people don't know how to keep confidences, and I'm not willing to risk loose lips with my personal stuff.


1. Kitten is ok

2. Tiger is ok

3. No one else was hurt in the accident

4. Hubby was home so I didn't have to go take care of this alone

5. We had a fun family day today for the last day of summer vacation. We took a bike ride to a great park, payed in a creek (well, the boys did), rode back, had dinner in the park we started the ride from.

I love my family

Monday, August 08, 2011

Weekend 5&5

Boy are my titles creative, no?
We just came home from a great long weekend away as a family. We've had such a busy summer and it was so different from my expectations coming into it. (have I griped about this already?) Suffice it to say, the 4 nights away were what we all needed. But coming home to reality sucks whether it's just an over night trip, or 10 days...

1, 2 & 3. I came home to find a $250 bill from the lab I took kitten to before we left. All the kids had physicals, and vaccine updates. Kitten has complained of being tired & having headaches, and since I have a gluten allergy/intolerance/whatever I asked for her to be tested for Celiac. The Dr. said she'd also test her thyroid & I thought she said iron. I figured that meant all the usual stuff.
1. Was I surprised to some home and read the lab description: Chlamydia!! Um - no way am I paying for that. Either a) the Dr. ordered that without my consent and since kitten is not sexually active she's not going to have a STD or b) when the lab tech rewrote the lab paper he misunderstood Celiac to be Chlamydia. Either way, someone else is paying for that!
2. The lab paperwork stated that our insurance denied payment saying the patient was not an eligible member at time of service. UH! Then I opened the insurance benefit explanation to read the same thing! UH!
3. Now I need to call out insurance broker and figure all this crap out.

4. Something is going on and I am feeling incredibly hormonal/emotional/wigged out. I am so sick of my bodily chemicals betraying me.

5. I'm feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff to do before school starts.

Gratitudes: (I thought I should end on the positive)

1. For the beautiful camping trip on a nice lake with beautiful weather and minimal bugs!

2. Healthy kids

3. For the moment, technology here seems to be working

4. We came home to a secure house. No theft, fire, etc.

5. Coffee

THIS JUST IN! I called the insurance broker who was disgusted at the insurance company. She asked me to fax in the paperwork & she would take care of it (YAY!)

When I called the Dr. office and looked again at the date - this was not the bloodwork lab stuff. This was on the urine culture the Dr. took for what I assumed was to check iron levels like my boys - NOT to check for STD. I will not be paying for that. I'm waiting to hear back from their office. pfff

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ms. Inconsistent

Ya see? Ahh, oh well. I have been consumed with technology failing me left and right. And it's one thing that leads to another that leads to another and then none of them are working. Add to that a house full of kids who are not in school and my time is not my own. But, I press on for the 5 & 5 for today.

1. I love everything David Lebovitz writes. Recipes, memoirs, tweets...
2. Good friends
3. That I live in California
4. Forgiveness & whomever is bestowing it.
5. Spiders who eat bugs

1. Oh why do I utterly hate to exercise!
2. Technology that doesn't work!!!!!!!
3. How bad I am to myself & don't get the sleep I need.
4. People who let the screen door SLAM!
5. Having to take medication...and it makes my balance wonky. (hello doorjamb)

Friday, June 24, 2011


Are we having fun yet?

1. AT&, internet, wireless. I hate them. We dumped DSL, downgraded the home phone as cheap as we could, and I have 1 year left on my wireless. We've been paying for the top tier of DSL. It was never stellar, but I hate calling on that stuff. Finally it was SO bad that I called. Guy #1 came out to "fix" it. (mind you I had to commit to a 12 hour window. 12! 8am-8pm) He said nothing was wrong, and for the rest of that afternoon, it was faster. (plus he came before 5pm!) Then it slowed again. I called again, and a week later (same 12 hour window) another tech came. He did a bunch more, found some problems, blah, blah, blah...and "fixed" it. That was Saturday. DSL worked about a day and then slowed to a crawl - PLUS our phone was out. I won't go into the phone calls and the people I talked to who blatantly lied to me, but another tech came out today. He replaced a jack and now all is well. Seems as though the last DSL tech who was here (and "fixed things on the line") may have actually fried the jack. grrrr

2. June bugs They rank up there with ants for me.

3. Amongst other things, Target has raised the price of my beloved Chewy SweetTarts by .25!

4. The antique stove we have on CraigsList just isn't selling :/

5. My driveway - it's gravel and lame


1. our home phone now works!

2. The janky stove we bought refurbished 2 yrs. ago did sell! When we put the house up for sale, I wanted to take our O'Keefe & Merritt stove. We bought another gas stove to replace it. When we decided not to sell, and rain came, we brought the vintage stove inside (but it wasn't hooked up). Now all is well with the vintage stove and so I sold the other one.

3. I also sold Tiger's DSi. No dickering, no drama, no flake. So nice!

4. Had a fun date with hubby. We went shopping (blech) but it was fun together and he got some desperately needed new clothes.

5. MILDEW was here and therefore, laundry is folded.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wed. 5&5

Oh so much to tired to write


1. Technology Hell. AT&T owes me time back on my life.
2. Kitten's mood lately. I feel so distant from her.
3. No matter how much I tend to my feet with loofah, files and heavy cream, my heels crack & the balls/big toes of my feet are rough as sandpaper. Damn that love for barefootedness
4. My hair is behaving badly
5. My mother comments inappropriately on my Facebook stuff.


1. Monkey was particularly lovey & snuggly tonight.
2. I'm getting to bed before 11.
3. The weather has cooled a bit.
4. The library system is a great thing.
5. My mother in law is not on Facebook.


1. H O T
2. I feel pretty hopeless about my in-law situation.
3. That I can be so damn critical.
4.I seriously think a friend of mine might have a hoarding issue :/
5. Miss Pretty Pretty, my MacBook, is acting funny.

1. I had a fun day with James today.
2. We have food & are far from starving
3. I have a/c in my bedroom
4. I get to sleep in tomorrow...well, today
5. I just bought a new cookbook that I had checked out from the library. I already made the lemon frozen yogurt and boy was it amazing!

Nighty night.